Student Housing Development

Student Housing Development Services

Servitas is a client-service organization, our business model is based on serving universities and colleges throughout their on-campus student housing development. Your student housing development opportunities are our expertise. We have the knowledge and the clear and thorough communication needed to turn your development opportunities into realities.

As a full-service turnkey student housing developer, Servitas oversees the planning, design, financing, construction, operation, maintenance, and residence life of most of our projects, we even work with the best foundation repair in St Louis experts when needed. We have delivered over $1B in student housing development.

Our unique approach to student housing development opportunities break from the conventional design-from-the-inside-out mold. Instead of taking designs and stacking them into floor plans and then placing them on a site, Servitas takes the reverse approach.

We start the planning on the outside—and we look at the campus connectivity and surrounding community—and work inward. This ensures our site layout and building elevations mesh with the campus and community, rather than as standalone projects. This fostering a sense of inclusive, extended community for the students living at school – and makes us your number one student housing developer!

Our Student Housing Development Services Encompass Six Primary Project Phases:

Primary Project Phases

This means your student housing development opportunities, from initial planning all the way through move-in prep and student life management, are taken care of by Servitas, your trusted Student Housing Development partner and full-scale management company.

Whether on-campus or off-campus, we create the living options that your students want. This directly contributes to the success of your residents and your University. And with our long-standing experience developing, designing, and constructing residential (both on and off campus) opportunities, our student housing development services are fully equipped to deliver exactly what each level of your project needs.

We work based on your specific needs and goals, providing our clients with options for P3 funding, partial, or full development services. So, whether you are a University looking to expand your residence halls, or have larger needs for better off-campus student housing, we can help. Servitas has delivered unique living environments and solutions that integrate with the campus community as well as the community at large, and we look forward to helping you in your next student housing development opportunity.